NORKA manufacturing: German Made, High Quality Lighting Products

11 March 2019

Over the past 68 years, the respected name and manufacturing company of NORKA has led the modern lighting and light fixtures industry in style, efficiency and the latest technological advancements. The NORKA production facilities are located directly South of Hamburg in Germany where the highest quality design and production standards are used to produce superior luminaire products and accessories, including plastic mouldings, seals and extrusions for fixture bodies, lamp-holders and reflectors. Luminaire product families represented include Basel LED, Berlin LED, Kiel LED, Luzern 38 LED and Sydney///Rapid.  

NORKA is well known for its development and production of custom-made illumination products and solutions for challenging environments like harsh surroundings, extreme environmental conditions and demanding quality requirements. Today, NORKA products and services are in high demand and popular use across Europe, throughout Australia, Asia and beyond. NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd in Melbourne has been a major importer and distributor of NORKA lighting products and services since 1993, supplying custom and inventory items to Australia and Asia through a large network of agents.

Innovative NORKA Lighting Products and Services Available to Customers Today

Unique and innovative NORKA lighting product designs and services currently available to customers and represented on the company website include the following custom and inventory items:

• Light Planning.
– RELUX, lighting design software from NORKA is a user-friendly database designed for the calculation and simulation of light. With this software and advice from the NORKA staff, if needed, you can plan your own lighting calculations. You can download the current NORKA Data-Plugin free of charge on the RELUX homepage online. You can also obtain specialised luminaire data by contacting the NORKA lighting department.

• Spare Parts. – The NORKA staff keeps the majority of spare parts from their long-term sales programme and inventories in stock and readily available to customers for purchase and prompt delivery. NORKA staff members also design, consult, optimise, renew, maintain and provide a wide range of customised service concepts. The company’s top priorities are highest standards of quality and safety.

Consulting. – NORKA is widely represented in Germany by its head office in Hamburg, its plant in Hülsen and 19 different branches. The company also has sales operations in nearly all other European countries. Comprehensive client care includes information relative to product research and development, sales and services.

Contact the experts at NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd in Melbourne today for the latest lighting products, accessories and services using advanced technologies for innovative lighting solutions.