Lighting Recommendations for Different Areas in Learning Institutions

20 May 2019

There is no place where adequate lighting is as important as in learning institutions. It not only provides a safe atmosphere for all who enter these locations, but it also enhances the students’ concentration during their classes. Sufficient lighting lifts the mood and helps students be alert and energetic, which can increase their interaction in […]

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How the Right Lighting Products Can Help Improve Productivity in Industrial Settings

06 May 2019

Owners of industrial facilities must pay attention to every detail of their businesses, including sufficient lighting for their buildings. The latter is no small task since the ceilings are extremely high in most industrial structures. However, with the right lighting products that contain the latest technology and materials you can not only provide adequate illumination […]

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Exterior / Interior Floodlighting System: What Are Your Best Options?

09 April 2019

Typically, business properties require a variety of lighting options to fulfil their specific illumination needs. While some of these options are for general use, an exterior/interior floodlighting system is for those areas that need the illumination targeted to a specific area. Choosing which lighting components will work best for this system can be a bit […]

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Key Points When Installing Lighting Products for Factories and Warehouses

22 March 2019

The acclaimed NORKA brand of lighting products and illumination solutions for demanding environments can provide your factory and warehouse interiors with top quality industrial lighting with advanced design and luminaire features. Since most modern factories, production areas and warehouse inventory divisions require powerful, dependable, precision lighting, you need contemporary industrial lighting options that are specifically […]

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NORKA manufacturing: German Made, High Quality Lighting Products

11 March 2019

Over the past 68 years, the respected name and manufacturing company of NORKA has led the modern lighting and light fixtures industry in style, efficiency and the latest technological advancements. The NORKA production facilities are located directly South of Hamburg in Germany where the highest quality design and production standards are used to produce superior […]

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