Exterior / Interior Floodlighting System: What Are Your Best Options?

09 April 2019

Typically, business properties require a variety of lighting options to fulfil their specific illumination needs. While some of these options are for general use, an exterior/interior floodlighting system is for those areas that need the illumination targeted to a specific area. Choosing which lighting components will work best for this system can be a bit mind-boggling, though, since there are numerous options available currently. To help you decide, we provide you with the following information about LED floodlights, which are our favourite for this purpose.

Benefits of Using LED Floodlights in Your Exterior/Interior Floodlighting System

• LED floodlighting lasts much longer than other types of lighting. In fact, LED units have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, which allows them to last for about 10 to 15 years depending upon how long they are on each day. 

• These floodlights run on far less energy that fluorescent and other kinds of light options do, and this lowers your electric bills. Cost of electricity can be overwhelming today, regardless of the nature of your business or location. Due to the fact that you will pay less for electricity and that you do not need to buy new units as often, LED floodlights are your most cost-effective option. 

• Since you use less electricity with the LED floodlights and need to change them out less frequently, they are the environmentally friendly option for a floodlighting system. 

• The light that these floodlights emit is clear, crisp and focused. Instead of over-lighting an area, they can provide just the right amount of illumination. 

Examples of LED Floodlight Options

Centauras comes ready to mount and install. It has dimming capability of one to 10 volts. Needs 230 to 240 volts AC/DC to operate. Compatible with the LUCON® luminaire system. 
Centauras VHT is similar to the Centaurus model except that it is built to withstand temperatures of up to +85-degrees C.
Uranus has a built-in transformer, comes ready to install and runs off 230 to 240 volts AC/DC. The LED array will move 60 degrees forward or backward from its centre position. 
Uranus PF is similar to the Uranus except it LED array is mounted in such a way that it can shine down, slightly forward or completely forward since it can adjust a full 90 degrees when necessary. 

*Note: All the above models come with durable housings that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

For further details about what your best options are for an exterior/interior floodlighting system is, consult with NORKA. We carry the above floodlights and have been supplying illumination solutions to a wide range of challenging environments for over 60 years. Our representatives can guide you in the right direction for your needs.