Key Points When Installing Lighting Products for Factories and Warehouses

22 March 2019

The acclaimed NORKA brand of lighting products and illumination solutions for demanding environments can provide your factory and warehouse interiors with top quality industrial lighting with advanced design and luminaire features. Since most modern factories, production areas and warehouse inventory divisions require powerful, dependable, precision lighting, you need contemporary industrial lighting options that are specifically designed and manufactured to completely satisfy your production and storage preferences and requirements. 

NORKA offers a variety of illumination styles and solutions customised for excellent lighting results in different industrial environments. For this reason, the varied and highly specialised technologies and lighting techniques offered by the products that NORKA provides will meet and even surpass the most precise industry-specific needs.  

Key Features and Points When Installing Industrial Quality Lighting for Factories and Warehouses

Major points and features offered by different types of NORKA lighting product installations for resolving challenging illumination issues in factory and warehouse interiors include the following:  

• Brünn LED. – This type of polymer luminaire offers recessed style surface ceiling mounting using LED lamps. Ideal of easy and durable installation in factory and warehouse settings, this lighting solution provides flat, sturdy housing composed of polymer reinforced with fibreglass and is suitable for various ceiling height installations. Its thermally divided lamp chamber and driver chamber ensure optimal lighting quality for long-term use. Its durability is further enhanced by a short sealing system of wear-resistant silicone/synthetic rubber. 

This product has a lamp diffuser made of PMMA Transopal® (impact strengthened) or a similar material. Its built-in driver (230 V AC/DC) can also provide emergency lighting, and this luminaire design offers 2 kV transient protection. Ceiling fixtures use split washers for simple, easy mounting.  

• Geneva Luminaire. – This extra-flat lighting product can accommodate low ceiling mountings as well as higher installations in industrial areas. This LED equipped lighting design has a strong plastic mounting and housing composed of glass-fibre reinforced plastic material with similarities to RAL 9010. Both the lamp and equipment compartment are thermally separated, and the short sealing system is made of silicone-free elastomer for durability and consistently reliable lighting in factory or warehouse environments. This industrial lighting solution offers a pair of thermowell reflectors with separate pivoting capacities that are composed of PMMA Transposal® (impact resistant) or other shatterproof material. 

This Geneva luminaire model offers internal rotation per protective tube reflector of 25 degrees for superior light emission focusing and an external rotation of as much as 180 degrees for quality indirect lighting. In ceiling mountings, the protection tube reflectors can rotate outwards by as much as 60 degrees. Built-in control gear supplies 230 V AC/DC of emergency light (optional), and this industrial illumination option is designed for single or continuous ceiling mounting. Pendulum suspension is also possible, if desirable in a factory or warehouse setting.  

By consulting the advanced industrial lighting experts at NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based company offering the latest NORKA, German made, lighting products for factories and warehouses in all areas of industry today, you will obtain top-tier advice and state-of-the-art industrial lighting designs. As the principal Australian importer and distributor of NORKA illumination solutions across Australia and Asia, NORKA Lighting Sales works via a network of agents to actively service the industrial lighting market. Our experts will guide you to selecting the ideal contemporary lighting products for optimal quality factory and warehouse lighting solutions.