Custom-Made Lighting Solutions for Harsh Ambient Conditions

04 June 2019

Commercial buildings and other venues have unique, challenging lighting needs that are difficult to fulfil with just stock solutions. For this reason, these entities must find customised answers to ensure that they can illuminate their harsh ambient environments appropriately, attractively and as glare-free as possible. If your situation fits the above description, you need to understand that our company, NORKA Lighting, delivers innovative, quality, custom-made lighting solutions to many clients in similar circumstances all throughout the year. 

About NORKA Lighting

Our company has been a privately owned family business since 1948. Since our inception, we have built a reputation for custom, quality, highly efficient light fixtures. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to a large manufacturing company that employs over 250 people. 

At our facility that is south of Hamburg, we manufacture most of the components for the extensive lineup of lighting products that we also assemble at the same facility. 
In addition, we have a training facility and state-of-the-art laboratories along with planning departments to ensure that we constantly improve our products to keep them the most effective lighting solutions on the market today. On top of all of this, our luminaires are the most environmentally friendly in the lighting industry. 

Examples of Our Lighting Solutions

Dublin is an example of our production/warehouse lighting options. It mounts either on the surface or recessed into the ceiling and is made from durable aluminium. This fixture uses T5-/T8 fluorescent lamps. We recommend this for metro and underground stations, swimming pools, ramps, and sports halls along with other demanding locations. 

Uranus is one of our floodlight offerings. With its LED array, this is suitable for use in industrial locations, commercial buildings, car parks and much more due to the fact that it illuminates sufficiently even when it needs a high height for mounting. In addition, its housing is UV-resistant and weatherproof to ensure that it stands up to the outdoor elements durably.

Zug is an example of our tubular luminaires that provide effective illumination for both outdoor and indoor locations. It functions well in many situations ranging from work pits to classrooms. Mounting of this tubular selection can be performed in a single-fixture or multiple-row configuration.

Phalanx Linear 240 is just one of our many vandalism-proof luminaires. This model has superior impact resistance in both ceiling and wall surface mountings. It can withstand as much as 150 joules. As a result, it is suitable for any location that is at risk of negligent or deliberate damage. 

For further information about our custom-made lighting solutions for your harsh ambient conditions, contact us at your convenience. We will analyse your specific needs and provide you with our recommendations along with a quote.