In this day of technological advances happening at every turn, functional polymers are being used by electronic manufacturers with numerous products, including polymer luminaire tubes as housings for various types of lighting options, including fluorescent lamps. The capability of these tubes is due to the PPV derivatives that they contain. Polymers of this nature are leading to some effective solutions for the modern, energy-saving lighting needs for industrial, commercial and residential use. 

What Are Polymers?

Polymers are made up of chemical substances that have large molecules. These complex molecules consist of numerous simpler molecules similar to DNA and proteins which are natural polymers. Other polymers such as PVC, nylon and more are created through industrial processes. Since the polymer is flexible, lightweight and cost-effective to use to make thin films, it is possible to mould it into many shapes and sizes, including the polymer luminaire tubes for the housings for lighting options. 

Advantages of Using Polymer Luminaire Tubes for Lighting Housings

1. Cost of lighting options is lower with polymer luminaire tubes for housing than with older, possibly outdated housing materials.

2. Manufacturing with polymers for housing has a lower carbon footprint than with glass or other housing materials. This makes polymer luminaire tubes the environmentally responsible choice for housing for lighting options. 

3. Polymer luminaire tubes reduce the weight of the housing by as much as 85 percent. This not only makes the individual lights easier to handle, but it also reduces shipping costs as well as the purchase price in some cases. In addition, installation and maintenance are easier to perform. 

4. Engineered polymers as housings enhance the appearance of the illumination in a favourable fashion. The light flows from the fixtures in an adequate, non-harsh way that can even reduce eyestrain. 

5. The durability of polymer luminaire tubes for housings increases the lifespan of lighting options. That is highly important, especially in industrial and commercial settings. 

6. Another advantage of this polymer technology is that it provides flexible design options unmatched by other materials. 

7. Polymer luminaire tubes also adhere to pertinent regulations for heat transfer in lighting options. Also, they are electrically insulative and conducive.

8. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor light applications, regardless of the weather conditions. 

9. Also, polymer luminaire tubes are corrosion, chemical and flame resistant. 

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