If you are in the market for new lighting, you owe it to yourself to purchase the best possible products. LED lighting has become incredibly popular in recent years. LED lighting is energy efficient, visually impressive, and affordable. With all of that being said, your LED lighting will not be worth much without adequate housing to keep it all together. Today, we are going to be discussing the benefits of pursuing thermoplastic housing for your LED lighting solutions. Whether you are looking for lights to hang in your retail store or your own home, you’ll soon see why thermoplastic housing is the way to go.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Housing for LED Lighting
Most people probably are not aware of what thermoplastic is as a conventional material. Thermoplastic refers to a type of material that is pliable at a certain temperature level. When we talk about thermoplastic materials, most people immediately think of products like nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene. However, there is a multitude of different thermoplastic options available for you. What you’ll find is, to a material, thermoplastic housing offers a host of immediate benefits to someone who is focused on installing LED lighting in their home. Here are a few reasons as to why you should have your LED lights housed in thermoplastic material.

1) Environmentally Friendly – Manufacturing and processing thermoplastic materials are incredibly friendly to the environment. Why is this the case? Well, thermoplastics can be produced at a low volume without a high energy cost. Additionally, your thermoplastics are going to be easy to recycle which will keep even old products in rotation. All told, thermoplastic is very friendly to the environment.

2) Aesthetically Pleasing –
Thermoplastic housing for your LED lights can come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Thermoplastics are incredibly malleable which means that you’ll be able to find your way to the perfect design for your needs. You’ll also find that thermoplastics offer you the most diverse collection of finishing options.

3) Longevity – Individuals who pursue thermoplastics for their LED lighting will come to realise just how durable the material is. Thermoplastics are typically lightweight but incredibly durable. You’ll find that thermoplastics are bendable, strong, and even resistant to shrinkage. Depending on the type of resin that is used, you’ll see thermoplastics in simple grocery bags or high-stress machine components.

When it comes to installing your LED lighting, make sure that you have the right housing for your needs. Thermoplastics provide an affordable, effective, and environmentally friendly solution to your housing needs. If you are ready to enjoy the thermoplastic advantage, call our team at NORKA Lighting to discuss your options.

Commercial buildings and other venues have unique, challenging lighting needs that are difficult to fulfil with just stock solutions. For this reason, these entities must find customised answers to ensure that they can illuminate their harsh ambient environments appropriately, attractively and as glare-free as possible. If your situation fits the above description, you need to understand that our company, NORKA Lighting, delivers innovative, quality, custom-made lighting solutions to many clients in similar circumstances all throughout the year. 

About NORKA Lighting

Our company has been a privately owned family business since 1948. Since our inception, we have built a reputation for custom, quality, highly efficient light fixtures. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to a large manufacturing company that employs over 250 people. 

At our facility that is south of Hamburg, we manufacture most of the components for the extensive lineup of lighting products that we also assemble at the same facility. 
In addition, we have a training facility and state-of-the-art laboratories along with planning departments to ensure that we constantly improve our products to keep them the most effective lighting solutions on the market today. On top of all of this, our luminaires are the most environmentally friendly in the lighting industry. 

Examples of Our Lighting Solutions

Dublin is an example of our production/warehouse lighting options. It mounts either on the surface or recessed into the ceiling and is made from durable aluminium. This fixture uses T5-/T8 fluorescent lamps. We recommend this for metro and underground stations, swimming pools, ramps, and sports halls along with other demanding locations. 

Uranus is one of our floodlight offerings. With its LED array, this is suitable for use in industrial locations, commercial buildings, car parks and much more due to the fact that it illuminates sufficiently even when it needs a high height for mounting. In addition, its housing is UV-resistant and weatherproof to ensure that it stands up to the outdoor elements durably.

Zug is an example of our tubular luminaires that provide effective illumination for both outdoor and indoor locations. It functions well in many situations ranging from work pits to classrooms. Mounting of this tubular selection can be performed in a single-fixture or multiple-row configuration.

Phalanx Linear 240 is just one of our many vandalism-proof luminaires. This model has superior impact resistance in both ceiling and wall surface mountings. It can withstand as much as 150 joules. As a result, it is suitable for any location that is at risk of negligent or deliberate damage. 

For further information about our custom-made lighting solutions for your harsh ambient conditions, contact us at your convenience. We will analyse your specific needs and provide you with our recommendations along with a quote.

There is no place where adequate lighting is as important as in learning institutions. It not only provides a safe atmosphere for all who enter these locations, but it also enhances the students’ concentration during their classes. Sufficient lighting lifts the mood and helps students be alert and energetic, which can increase their interaction in their classes. For all of these reasons, it is crucial to select the ideal light fixtures to ensure that the atmosphere in educational institutions is conducive to learning. We share with you some suggestions for lighting various parts of these institutions below to help you illuminate yours suitably. 

Entryways, Exits, and Outdoor Areas

Uranus and Uranus PF floodlights are two examples of the lights that are ideal for these areas. Their LED array shines effectively to bring attention to the entrances and exits. Also, these floodlights illuminate parking lots at your learning facility to allow safe access during night-time hours. The luminaire housing of these are constructed with a UV-resistant, weatherproof, fibreglass-reinforced polymer. 

Classrooms and Libraries

Tubular lights are the ones to install in libraries and classrooms where you need consistent illumination throughout the rooms. Typically, professionals install multiple units of these and in rows when necessary. Bern LED is one example of these lights and is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Storage Rooms

Do not forget to provide adequate lighting in your storage rooms to help your staff members and students find the supplies that they need for various purposes. Beelitz is a recessed LED model that brightens up these rooms with just the right amount of illumination to ensure that all items in the room are easy to locate. 

Staircases and Hallways

These areas of a learning facility can be difficult to illuminate on the right level since they are closed in without a lot of windows. For these areas, consider installing GERA or GERA LED luminaries. Both are effective in passageways, such as hallways and staircases. 


This is another room that calls for tubular luminaires since they are easy to install over a spacious area and provide excellent illumination. ZUG LED is one example of the tubular lights that will work efficiently in this room in your educational facility. 

To learn about additional lighting recommendations for different areas in learning institutions, consult with our company, NORKA. For over 60 years, we have been developing and selling customised illumination solutions for all different types of demanding environments ranging from educational facilities to industrial settings. We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the most effective lighting for your location.

Owners of industrial facilities must pay attention to every detail of their businesses, including sufficient lighting for their buildings. The latter is no small task since the ceilings are extremely high in most industrial structures. However, with the right lighting products that contain the latest technology and materials you can not only provide adequate illumination to your entire industrial structure, but you also can help improve the level of productivity in the following ways: 

1. You Provide Quality Illumination Throughout Your Establishment

The main benefit from installing the correct lighting products is the fact that you provide adequate, if not superior, illumination for your entire building. You will accomplish without harshness, dimness or other undesirable problems. Employees cannot work up to their full potential when they need to strain their eyes in an inadequately lit building. 

2. The Right Lighting Products Increase Employee Morale

Since your employees spend so much of their time at work in your facilities, you need to ensure that the atmosphere is one that promotes positivity. Quality lighting products help increase and maintain employee morale by providing a bright, cheery work area instead of a dark, dismal one. 

3. Updating Lighting in Your Facilities Enhances Quality Control Efforts

With the right lighting, you can improve your efforts in controlling the quality of your products and workmanship since you can see the flaws with greater accuracy. This improves your production standards, which leads to higher client satisfaction. 

4. Lighting With the Correct Products Can Increase Orders and Job Security

By improving client satisfaction, you can increase the demand for your products. As a result, there is more job security for your employees. When employees feel secure in their jobs, they perform on a higher level. In turn, your production numbers increase substantially. 

5. The Right Lighting Products Are Energy Efficient for an Additional Benefit

Along with the above benefits, the right lighting products will be more energy efficient for your company. Your resulting savings can help you hire additional employees to increase production turnout. 

Security Is Another Benefit of the Right Lighting

Even though it is not related to production, we feel like we should mention that the correct lighting products will enhance your security measures. Exterior and interior floodlights are two examples of the lighting of which we speak. 

For further information on how the right lighting products can help improve production in your industrial setting along with other benefits, consult with NORKA Lighting. We offer a wide assortment of lighting products that include the latest in technology and materials. All of them are ideal for commercial and industrial purposes.

Typically, business properties require a variety of lighting options to fulfil their specific illumination needs. While some of these options are for general use, an exterior/interior floodlighting system is for those areas that need the illumination targeted to a specific area. Choosing which lighting components will work best for this system can be a bit mind-boggling, though, since there are numerous options available currently. To help you decide, we provide you with the following information about LED floodlights, which are our favourite for this purpose.

Benefits of Using LED Floodlights in Your Exterior/Interior Floodlighting System

• LED floodlighting lasts much longer than other types of lighting. In fact, LED units have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, which allows them to last for about 10 to 15 years depending upon how long they are on each day. 

• These floodlights run on far less energy that fluorescent and other kinds of light options do, and this lowers your electric bills. Cost of electricity can be overwhelming today, regardless of the nature of your business or location. Due to the fact that you will pay less for electricity and that you do not need to buy new units as often, LED floodlights are your most cost-effective option. 

• Since you use less electricity with the LED floodlights and need to change them out less frequently, they are the environmentally friendly option for a floodlighting system. 

• The light that these floodlights emit is clear, crisp and focused. Instead of over-lighting an area, they can provide just the right amount of illumination. 

Examples of LED Floodlight Options

Centauras comes ready to mount and install. It has dimming capability of one to 10 volts. Needs 230 to 240 volts AC/DC to operate. Compatible with the LUCON® luminaire system. 
Centauras VHT is similar to the Centaurus model except that it is built to withstand temperatures of up to +85-degrees C.
Uranus has a built-in transformer, comes ready to install and runs off 230 to 240 volts AC/DC. The LED array will move 60 degrees forward or backward from its centre position. 
Uranus PF is similar to the Uranus except it LED array is mounted in such a way that it can shine down, slightly forward or completely forward since it can adjust a full 90 degrees when necessary. 

*Note: All the above models come with durable housings that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

For further details about what your best options are for an exterior/interior floodlighting system is, consult with NORKA. We carry the above floodlights and have been supplying illumination solutions to a wide range of challenging environments for over 60 years. Our representatives can guide you in the right direction for your needs.

The acclaimed NORKA brand of lighting products and illumination solutions for demanding environments can provide your factory and warehouse interiors with top quality industrial lighting with advanced design and luminaire features. Since most modern factories, production areas and warehouse inventory divisions require powerful, dependable, precision lighting, you need contemporary industrial lighting options that are specifically designed and manufactured to completely satisfy your production and storage preferences and requirements. 

NORKA offers a variety of illumination styles and solutions customised for excellent lighting results in different industrial environments. For this reason, the varied and highly specialised technologies and lighting techniques offered by the products that NORKA provides will meet and even surpass the most precise industry-specific needs.  

Key Features and Points When Installing Industrial Quality Lighting for Factories and Warehouses

Major points and features offered by different types of NORKA lighting product installations for resolving challenging illumination issues in factory and warehouse interiors include the following:  

• Brünn LED. – This type of polymer luminaire offers recessed style surface ceiling mounting using LED lamps. Ideal of easy and durable installation in factory and warehouse settings, this lighting solution provides flat, sturdy housing composed of polymer reinforced with fibreglass and is suitable for various ceiling height installations. Its thermally divided lamp chamber and driver chamber ensure optimal lighting quality for long-term use. Its durability is further enhanced by a short sealing system of wear-resistant silicone/synthetic rubber. 

This product has a lamp diffuser made of PMMA Transopal® (impact strengthened) or a similar material. Its built-in driver (230 V AC/DC) can also provide emergency lighting, and this luminaire design offers 2 kV transient protection. Ceiling fixtures use split washers for simple, easy mounting.  

• Geneva Luminaire. – This extra-flat lighting product can accommodate low ceiling mountings as well as higher installations in industrial areas. This LED equipped lighting design has a strong plastic mounting and housing composed of glass-fibre reinforced plastic material with similarities to RAL 9010. Both the lamp and equipment compartment are thermally separated, and the short sealing system is made of silicone-free elastomer for durability and consistently reliable lighting in factory or warehouse environments. This industrial lighting solution offers a pair of thermowell reflectors with separate pivoting capacities that are composed of PMMA Transposal® (impact resistant) or other shatterproof material. 

This Geneva luminaire model offers internal rotation per protective tube reflector of 25 degrees for superior light emission focusing and an external rotation of as much as 180 degrees for quality indirect lighting. In ceiling mountings, the protection tube reflectors can rotate outwards by as much as 60 degrees. Built-in control gear supplies 230 V AC/DC of emergency light (optional), and this industrial illumination option is designed for single or continuous ceiling mounting. Pendulum suspension is also possible, if desirable in a factory or warehouse setting.  

By consulting the advanced industrial lighting experts at NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd, a Melbourne-based company offering the latest NORKA, German made, lighting products for factories and warehouses in all areas of industry today, you will obtain top-tier advice and state-of-the-art industrial lighting designs. As the principal Australian importer and distributor of NORKA illumination solutions across Australia and Asia, NORKA Lighting Sales works via a network of agents to actively service the industrial lighting market. Our experts will guide you to selecting the ideal contemporary lighting products for optimal quality factory and warehouse lighting solutions.

Over the past 68 years, the respected name and manufacturing company of NORKA has led the modern lighting and light fixtures industry in style, efficiency and the latest technological advancements. The NORKA production facilities are located directly South of Hamburg in Germany where the highest quality design and production standards are used to produce superior luminaire products and accessories, including plastic mouldings, seals and extrusions for fixture bodies, lamp-holders and reflectors. Luminaire product families represented include Basel LED, Berlin LED, Kiel LED, Luzern 38 LED and Sydney///Rapid.  

NORKA is well known for its development and production of custom-made illumination products and solutions for challenging environments like harsh surroundings, extreme environmental conditions and demanding quality requirements. Today, NORKA products and services are in high demand and popular use across Europe, throughout Australia, Asia and beyond. NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd in Melbourne has been a major importer and distributor of NORKA lighting products and services since 1993, supplying custom and inventory items to Australia and Asia through a large network of agents.

Innovative NORKA Lighting Products and Services Available to Customers Today

Unique and innovative NORKA lighting product designs and services currently available to customers and represented on the company website include the following custom and inventory items:

• Light Planning.
– RELUX, lighting design software from NORKA is a user-friendly database designed for the calculation and simulation of light. With this software and advice from the NORKA staff, if needed, you can plan your own lighting calculations. You can download the current NORKA Data-Plugin free of charge on the RELUX homepage online. You can also obtain specialised luminaire data by contacting the NORKA lighting department.

• Spare Parts. – The NORKA staff keeps the majority of spare parts from their long-term sales programme and inventories in stock and readily available to customers for purchase and prompt delivery. NORKA staff members also design, consult, optimise, renew, maintain and provide a wide range of customised service concepts. The company’s top priorities are highest standards of quality and safety.

Consulting. – NORKA is widely represented in Germany by its head office in Hamburg, its plant in Hülsen and 19 different branches. The company also has sales operations in nearly all other European countries. Comprehensive client care includes information relative to product research and development, sales and services.

Contact the experts at NORKA Lighting Sales Pty Ltd in Melbourne today for the latest lighting products, accessories and services using advanced technologies for innovative lighting solutions.